Investment Strategy

PENM’s strategy is to enter into highly profitable minority investments in private Vietnamese companies.
PENM believes that middle market Vietnamese businesses can achieve significant value creation by combining strong management with a disciplined business plan.

Investment Criteria:

  • Attractive earnings and high ROE prospects
  • Attractive growth prospects, predictable business environment and consistent operating history
  • Competent and dedicated management team, who act as owners, being rational with capital allocation and straightforward with shareholders
  • Positioned among the top performers in its market segment
  • Simple, focused and implementable business model and strategy
  • Potentials for value-adds through hands-on approach from PENM


Investment Sectors:

  • Branded FMCG companies and branded consumer stables companies; examples are packaged food, beverage, personal care, and household care companies
  • Suppliers to FMCG companies or to consumer stable companies; examples are ingredients, packaging, and logistic service companies
  • Construction material companies; examples are construction steel companies
  • Service companies; example is airport passenger services

Our investments are, however, not limited to the above criteria, as we will also consider investment in an excellent target if it fulfills our overall strategy.