How much is the abstract determine the timing of its implementation. The less they are approximate, the cost is higher. To fulfill such an order, the author has to work at the limit of his abilities, and sometimes at night. For this, he should receive adequate remuneration. Thanks to his skills, he achieves that project performs very quickly, while maintaining the high quality of work. On the company s website there is a section where the estimated price and terms of each type of work. But all the essays to order pass an individual assessment, you pay primarily for the complexity of the work, and not for its volume. An essay on a well-studied topic on humanitarian discipline will be cheap compared to a technical subject on narrow topics. To a lesser extent, the price depends on the volume of the abstract. But if, at the teacher’s request, it should be one and a half to two times larger than the standard one, then its cost will slightly increase. To keep the prices pleasant for you, the company vsesdal tries to minimize the cost of its activities, optimizing it, removing unnecessary cost items. We strive to ensure that our services are available to each student.

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